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Suggestions for physicians in the interview process.

Interview tips: Resources


For the past decade, Millennium Medsearch (formerly Medsearch & Associates) has provided physician recruitment and helped many physicians find the perfect job opportunity. Our physician placement services exceed those of most health care recruiters. We are here to help meet your professional, environmental, and financial goals.

During the interview process, try to ask as many of the following questions as possible before you meet with the prospective employer.


  • What kind of practice is it? Does it have academic affiliations? What is the income guarantee? Who is underwriting it? Is that person financially strong enough to make such a guarantee? What are my obligations?

  • What is the income potential, and how long would it take me to get there?

  • What percentage of patients have indemnity insurance. belong to HMO's or PPO's, are on Medical or Medicare, or are indigent? How much charity work would I be expected to do?

  • Is the office location convenient for both doctors and patients? Would I be manning more than one office?

  • What is the age, size and condition of the office? Is rent reasonable?

  • How many nights and weekends woud I be on calI? Are the cross-covering physicians compatible?

  • Is there a genuine need for another physician in my specialty? Are physicians in the practice still accepting new patients? What is the average waiting time for new-patient appointment?

  • Are there specialists in the area to take my referrals? If you're a specialist, are there enough primary-care physicians to keep me busy?

  • How difficult will it be to get a license in this state? Are there any special requirements?

  • Is there a medical school nearby? If not, where would I find CME and a medical library?

  • Who runs the practice on a day-to-day basis?

  • What are the buy-in arrangements? When would I get an equity position? How much will it cost? How would I pay?

  • What are the fringe benefits (health, life, disability, malpractice insurance, CME, & vacation time)? Would I be able to take time off during my children's school vacations?

  • How old are my potential partners? What kind of retirement plans do they have? Do they get along with each other? Are their practice styles similar to mine? Is there a "group philosophy"? Is it compatible to mine? Would I be comfortable with my workload and responsibilities?

  • How is income divided? Would this system be acceptable to me?

  • What does the practice charge for services I offer? How are collections made? What is the overhead, and how is it paid? Does the practice function efficiently or are there signs of wasted time and materials?


  • How big is the community? Where is the nearest large city?

  • What are the local economic conditions and rates of unemployment and inflation? Is the area attracting new business?

  • What are the state and local sales and income taxes?

  • What are the demographics? What are the trends? Is the local population growing or shrinking?

  • What is the climate? Is the area prone to heavy winds, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes?

  • Is shopping in the area adequate for my family's needs?

  • Are there sufficient cultural opportunities: museums, theatre, art, music, etc.)?

  • Are there major league or college sports to watch?

  • Are there decent facilities for the sports which I and my family participate in?

  • Does the area have adequate restaurants and nightlife?

  • Is there public transportation? How close is the nearest airport? How long would it take to commute among home, office and hospitals?

  • What is the average cost of the type of house I want?

  • Are there good public schools? Are private schools available? What about colleges and universities?

  • What kind of health-care services are locally available? Is there a health department to aid in medical care for the indigent?

  • Do the local churches or temples fill my needs?

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